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Palevo is a worm that spreads using instant messaging, P2P networks and removable drives (like USB sticks). It is being sold in underground forums like ZeuS. The worm (also known as Rimecud, Butterfly bot and Pilleuz) made big press in 2010 (see Trend Micro: "Clipping Mariposa's Wings" / Symantec: "Symantec: The Mariposa Butterfly"). For more information about Palevo you can take a look at the Palevo readme file.

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Recent Palevo Command&Control servers

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DateaddedPalevo C&C DomainIP addressStatusSBLAS numberAS nameCountryLastseen# of Samples
2012-10-26mariposita.web-personal.org189.236.206.143onlineNot listedAS8151Uninet S.A. de C.V.,MXMX Mexico (MX)never1
2012-04-14webmail.drshells.net199.2.137.25onlineNot listedAS3598MICROSOFT-CORP-AS - Microsoft US United States (US)never1
2011-05-05hubs.toikgame.com162.159.210.72onlineNot listedAS13335CLOUDFLARENET - CloudFlare, InUS United States (US)2011-06-0856
2011-04-04bff.7oorq8.com107.150.36.226onlineNot listedAS0US United States (US)2011-10-013 listedAS200130NL Netherlands (NL)2011-05-1212
2011-02-24av.babypin.net199.2.137.20onlineNot listedAS3598MICROSOFT-CORP-AS - Microsoft US United States (US)2011-04-2312 listedAS47900AMSOFT-AS Art-master LLC,UAUA Ukraine (UA)2011-05-1210 listedAS200000UKRAINE-AS Hosting Ukraine LTDUA Ukraine (UA)2011-05-1210
2011-02-13ff.fifa2012terra.com42.120.158.78onlineNot listedAS37963CNNIC-ALIBABA-CN-NET-AP HangzhCN China (CN)2012-05-2920
2011-01-24legionarios.servecounterstrike.com76.74.255.138onlineNot listedAS13768PEER1 - Peer 1 Network (USA) IUS United States (US)2013-05-0560
2011-01-10arta.romail3arnest.info173.230.133.99onlineNot listedAS3595GNAXNET-AS - Global Net AccessUS United States (US)2013-03-2532 listedAS13768PEER1 - Peer 1 Network (USA) IUS United States (US)2013-04-15323
2011-01-07shv4b.getmyip.com67.210.170.169onlineNot listedAS26230TOTTAWA - Telecom Ottawa LimitCA Canada (CA)2011-06-08251

# of Palevo Command&Control Servers tracked: 13